Nothing But Love!

I'm soo loved!

Today is the 5th week out. My help has dried up but my strength is renewed. The help that came to me was thorough and complete, just as God ordered. Like the children of Israel’s manna, I had just enough at just the right time.

  • Adrienne came on the 1st weekend and cooked.
  • Deboris came the day she left and stayed the ENTIRE week.
  • Michelle-a beautiful friend of a friend-came over every day on the 2nd week (and a couple of times during the 1st week).
  • Adrienne was planning to come back on the 2nd weekend but had death in her family. But that was okay because Amy came and took me to the beach for the 3 days! Oh how I needed that!
  • The 3rd week Deboris wanted to come back but couldn’t, but that was okay because my dad came!
  • The homeschool moms kept the meals flowing.
  • My church family jumped in for a week.
  • Patti took my oldest to his class 3 days a week.
  • Pat H. drove my 9yr to and from his drum classes two days a week.
  • Brenda (God bless her!) picked up my oldest for his vocal classes every Mon. and even brought a meal. When she brought him home we would all sat down to a meal.
  • Kim stepped in whenever she could-even during her sickness-with DELICIOUS meals and plenty of healthy munchies just for me!
  • Kelly is the one who kicked this all off by finding a breast cancer program to handle the finances and setting up the organization of meals and transportation through

Throughout it all my mom was here taking care of the baby and worrying over me!

Blessed is what I am!


Lots of love!

Nothing but love!

There’s no wonder why I healed so miraculously from this mastectomy; mentally and physically. Many other out-of-state friends called to say they were praying and had others praying for me.  My Dr. has been amazed at how well the mastectomy site has healed-no bruising, etc. Love will do that! Prayer will do that! Herbs and healthy eating will do that! God will do that! And I had it all!


I hope you’re feeling love during this time in your life.

Are you?

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  1. Brenda says:

    Yay! Great blog, very encouraging for those who may be about to experience similar events. God is so good, and you are so blessed. I was happy to help, but just so you know, I didn’t dry up! That sounds terrible, and though I have a FEW years on you, I’m not that old yet! ;-) You sent me away with your blessing, remember?

    I love ya, girl. Kiss the babies for me, you got a noisy house full of blessings over there!

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