I Want My Mommy!


My mom arrived, Thurs. Sept 27, the day after my surgery. Daddy got here Oct. 19. They both left tonight, Oct 25. I miss them!!

I want my Mommy!! I’m going to sit in a corner of the laundry room and suck my thumb until she returns….no, I better sit in a corner of the bathroom. I may have to use it and I can’t risk the kids seeing me walk through the house to get to it. They’ll think I’m their mommy or something!

Now everything is back on me. 4weeks after the surgery I’m back on the rodent trail: changing diapers, searching for lost pacifiers, chauffeuring kids, cooking dinners, delegating chores, trying to remember who I delegated the chores to, administering threats and punishments for forgotten delegated chores, trying to remember to follow up on the threats and punishments….heck it’s just easier to beat them…but I’m too tired.

Raising kids is a TRIP! It’s all consuming! I understand how children get away with stashing their bedrooms with guns and bomb-making material and the parent never knows. If my children went into their rooms and didn’t come out to bother me, day after day; allowing me time to talk uninterrupted on the phone, think complete uninterrupted thoughts and complete uninterrupted tasks, I would NEVER go in their room to bother them either!

But  noooooo! I have the talkative, expressive, wanna share their lives with me kind of kids. We talk during breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, during school hours, during break time, during snack, after snack, in the car, on the way home, at the grocery store, on the way to the doctor’s….ALL FREAKING DAY!  And even during the night!!! And it’s not just 1 but 5!!! Well, we can’t count the baby girl…yet. But she is gearing up to speak soon!

Okay when i get like this-easily irritated-I know i need my B vitamins. They soothe the nerves. I need to go so that i can take 2 right now. Or else someone’s gonna get hurt. LOL!

I want my mommy!

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2 Responses to I Want My Mommy!

  1. Brenda says:

    Aw, here’s a hug for you, poor tired baby. I’ll be over Monday night with bean soup, mac ‘n cheese, and a loaf of Panera bread. Which kid(s) would you like me to kidnap? ;-)

  2. QueenMother says:

    When you take 1 you have to take 2 others. I’ll even let you decide which ones you want.

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