Gathering My Bras

Today I’ll gather up all of my bras and throw them away.

The day before my mastectomy, I'll empty my bras from my lingerie drawer.

The idea of this surgery doesn’t bother me. I’m trusting that God will see me through it. I’m trusting that I’m in God’s will and that’s why I’m not nervous about this event. I’m trusting that this decision will give me a few more years so that i can see my babies grow up.

I’m trusting that my husband’s calm demeanor and reassuring words will remain the same for the next 40 yrs. I don’t want him to bust out one day yelling, “I’m tired of you, you no-titty woman!!”

If he does I’ll have to cut him. I’m not a violent woman at all. Jesus is my peace. But after I have consistently asked, “What do you think honey?” “How do you feel about this honey?” “What are your thoughts, dear?”; and I consistently get these sentences that are no more than 5-6 words long and a scripture: “Everything is going be alright. God won’t put any more on you than you can bear.” – I’m going to trust that those same words will comfort and sustain him as they do me. I must ride on those words of comfort and encouragement for the next40 yrs. I expect him to do the same. That means NO CHANGES!

20 years from now i can’t say, “Whew, I wish i had my boobs back!” So, neither can he.
I can’t say, “I really miss my breasts.” So, neither can he.
I can’t say, “I want to feel on, suck on, lick on….
Neither can he.
And if he does, I’m gonna hafta cut him!

But I digress. The surgery doesn’t bother me; however i think that coming home and looking at a drawer full of bras would. I have sports bras, nursing bras, a few sexy bras but the majority are “old lady bras”.

I have been wearing Playtex bras since I was a teen and have never bought anything else!  From the time I was a teenager up until I had my first baby at the age of 26, I weighed 115lbs and measured 36-24-36. That attracted a lot of attention. Bouncing boobies only added to the attention. Therefore, I strapped mine down with a good ole, 18 hour support (old lady) bra.

I’ve NEVER had a matching bra and panty set in my entire life because I didn’t like those flimsy, cutesy, colorful, sexy bras. Nope, my big, thick, wide strapped, beige, polyester 18 hr bra held me up and THAT was more important to me.

But after my Double Bubble Chop Chop I’ll be able to go and get all of the sexy bras that I want. That’s important, because after I gather up all of my old ones, my drawer will be lonely.

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  1. Brenda says:

    You are such a good writer. You make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

    I love you, Sister Friend.

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