Alternative Medicines and Prayer Work

When I went for a follow up last week I was all prepared to tell the Doc why I wasn’t going to

alternative medicines and prayer actually works.

take his Tamoxifen. I was ready for the hot debate and I was prepared to win.  I had used alternative medicines to bring me this far and only agreed to the mastectomy because of a few dreams that I had and my worried parents. But I’m going to stick with my alternative medicine and wholistic lifestyle. I was ready!

But he came into the exam room with a surprising statement. “Well you’re all done. The pathology report says that the cancer stayed in the ducts, it had not moved to your breast tissue. That means that chemo and radiation is unnecessary. Also your cancer cells were not estrogen-responsive; you don’t even have to take Tamoxifen. You’re done. We don’t have to see each other again.”

I stated to him that i was a little peeved. It felt as if i had done all of this for nothing. His reply, ” Well we are having to over treat women because we don’t know in whom it’s going to spread. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to do some tests and predict when the cancer will spread and on what women.”

That kinda ticked me off. I sat in the car for 45 min. talking with God about this whole event.

And I was hit by the fact that all of the years of (sporadically) eating organic foods and juicing vegetables, prayers, affirmations (“cancer cells do not harm my body”), colon cleansing, building my immune system (vitamin C crystals and echinacea tea) and a host of other activities, was really powerful!

Does alternative medicine work? Well, My first symptom was in 1998. Here, almost 10 yrs later, it had not grown! It hadn’t escaped past the milk ducts! Even after giving birth and nursing 3 more babies!!  With that knowledge I am even more encouraged to continue my (albeit sporadic) wholistic lifestyle.

I thank God for guiding me to information on alternative methods of healing. He taught my hands how to war. I’ll have to periodically continue the battle and trust God to continue ordering my steps.

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