Mastectomy-Just 2 Days Away

2 days left!I have 2 more days until my mastectomy; my Double Bubble Chop Chop. Both days will be filled with organizing, cleaning and shopping.

I will be somewhat incapacitated for 6 weeks!! There will be friends here to take care of me and/or the children. The children will spend the night at a friend’s house on Tues and Wed. So that means LOTS OF organizing.

Therefore, tonight will be the last sane night that The Husband and I can spend together. The children will sleep at a friend’s house this evening. They are all excitedly packing p.j.’s and toothbrushes as i type! I have to get my mind out of the Organizing-Controlling-Mommy state and put myself in a Sexy Woman state.

What a jump!

While The Husband takes them off to the friend’s house I’m going to run to the health food store and pick up a few items that i need for the surgery. Lemon Echinacea Juice, Vitamin C crystals, Hains Organic Tomato soup, Arnica tablets and bottled water. When i return home I’m going to have to resist the urge to scrub the bathroom tiles, wash my sheets, and clean my room. All of these activities were slated for yesterday but we weren’t able to get to them. Tomorrow i have slated other important things to do.

I have a BIG mental jump to make.

I need to go to my little storage room and get bubble bath and massage oil and maybe a game to help reconnect us. Then i need to take a bath without looking at the tiles; climb in my big cozy bed without changing the sheets or looking at the clothes on the floor (before we left for church I had to try on several outfits because nothing fits this semi-pregnant body and I REFUSE to buy another size 10 anything!!!). Then I need to STAY AWAKE!

Help me Jesus!!

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  1. Brenda says:

    You are one brave woman. I’m so proud of you and privileged to call you my friend!

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