Food Tips To Help You Fight Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and are trying to determined what to do next,

According to the American Cancer Society you can have 1 drink a day (2 drinks if your a man)

here are 8 tips to help you get started.

  • Stay away from fried foods.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Stop drinking.
  • Eliminate refined-flour products and choose whole grains.
  • Eliminate sweets-yes you can! Just eat naturally sweet foods
  • Avoid meats high in fat.
  • Eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Eat only organic

These tips are recommended by the American Cancer Society but they use nice words like “cut down on”, “minimize”, and “limit”.  I say, HOGWASH!  You’re in a fight for your life and that means DRASTIC changes!  The American Cancer Society isn’t interested in getting rid of cancer. Where would they be if cancer was eliminated? So they tell you to:

Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages to no more than one drink a day if you’re a woman or two if you’re a man.



Take control of your health.  Follow these tips, particularly if your genetically predisposed to cancer  or you’re in an environment that is not safe; and especially if you have been recently diagnosed.

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Hello world-My Breast Cancer Update

Many have asked what am I doing since the mastectomy and they need advice on overcoming breast cancer, I figured I better update this blog. I’ve hesitated because I know it means I’ll have to answer many questions that I’m not qualified (legally) to do, however I end up doing it anyway on the phone, speaking engagements and in email as friends of friends have friends to contact me.

“You had such a great attitude.”

“You healed so wonderfully.”

“You maintained your strength and sense of humour.”

“You kept your faith.”

As my life doesn’t belong to me, who am I to withhold information from so many that need it.  It is estimated that 207,090 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 . And here are the death rates by race.

Death Rates by race

All Races 24.0 per 100,000 women
White 23.4 per 100,000 women
Black 32.4 per 100,000 women
Asian/Pacific Islander 12.2 per 100,000 women
American Indian/Alaska Native a 17.6 per 100,000 women
Hispanic b 15.3 per 100,000 women

I have to do something! I have to say something! I have to help! Even if it’s just 4 or 5 women.

I’ll update as often as I can and deliver some of the latest information and products but I must be honest; breast cancer and mastectomy are not a part of my life anymore.

Other than my flat chest and post pregnant stomach I NEVER think about it (I know the “baby” is 3yrs old,but the word “post” on post pregnant  doesn’t have an age attached to it!). My husband still loves me…I think and I still (try) to eat foods that build my body and support my immune system. I’m transitioning BACK to 80% raw foods and I’m still looking for the time to exercise consistently. But I’ve survived the ordeal and feel GREAT!

One thing I learned from my breast cancer journey is that a woman MUST take care of herself but if she has a certain number of children it’s very difficult to do so.  I’m thankful for that period of time where I felt that I had a legitimate reason to focus on me. Even today I still feel guilty about it now, but I’m soooo much better at it.

I once read that the women who are more susceptible to breast cancer are those who take care of others and have a difficult time saying no. I don’t have a difficult time saying no…because I’m busy taking care of others. LOL! If I can’t help you because I’m helping 4 other people plus my 5 children then I’ll easily tell you “no”.

But that’s a problem too.

I’m still learning how to take care of JUST me.

Do you do a good job of taking care of yourself?

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It’s 2008!!!

Happy Blessed, Healthy, Cancer-Free New Year to YOU!

I love the New Year Season.  I do believe it’s my favorite time of the year!  It beats out Christmas, Valentine’s Day and my birthday.  I get soooo excited that i just want to shout (and often do) “Happy New Year!!!!”  to everyone I see.  It’s not just a new year but it’s a new season; a chance to reflect and then gain a different perspective on things from your past.  It’s a time for prayers, fasting and consecration.  All with the intention of hearing from the Almighty about what He has plan for you!   What anticipation!!
I’m expecting great things this year. I’ve built up my immune system and thrown my breasts away!  I’m stretching myself with some new goals: sew 1 outfit per month, write love notes to my kids, learn to write (so that I can publish a book) and a few others.  But I’m also keeping some old goals from last year that I didn’t accomplish: run a marathon, memorize 1 scripture per week, don’t yell when frustrated w/the kids.
My biggest goal is to lose 20lbs by March 1. This is the first time in my entire life that I’ve had to try to lose weight.  So far I’ve lost 3.  3 lbs in 2 weeks, that’s not too bad.
But I ovulated last night and got on the scale this morning and I’ve gained 4 lbs!!!
Gotta keep hope alive!
I also want this year to be all about celebrating life! A cancer-free wonderful life! A healthy, happy, wholistic life! I plan to stock up on all sorts of natural goodies and appliances and just love me with wholesome goodness!
A powerful juicer is a MUST HAVE for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve burned out 2 so far and just need to bite the bullet and get an expensive one (as opposed to the off the shelf from WalMart kind).  I’m considering a Vitamix Blender. But it’s a bit expensive. When I was at WholeFoods the lady in charge of produce told me that all I need is an industrial blender and one of the best was the Blendtec Blender.  It’s what they use at their store!!
She’s right! For about $150 cheaper than a Vitamix Blender it does the same thing.  The Blendtec Blender is a powerful tool to have when you want to eat raw soups, make green smoothies, juice your veggies, make your own salad dressings, or process raw nuts.
I decided on it because is smaller, makes less noise, and frankly, with 4 colors to chose from it looks way better than a Vitamix. My concern: it has a 3 yr warranty where Vitamix has a 7yr. But I have friends who use both and they both rave over the smooth consistency.
I like the Vitamix name and still want one but I know it’s because I’m influenced by the sales demonstration that I just saw at WholeFoods. They are so freaking inspirational!! It makes you want to run out and sell one of the children and get one right away.
But I don’t’ think I could get $500 for one of these jokers…
Happy new year!!!
What’s your experience with the best blender?
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Alternative Medicines and Prayer Work

When I went for a follow up last week I was all prepared to tell the Doc why I wasn’t going to

alternative medicines and prayer actually works.

take his Tamoxifen. I was ready for the hot debate and I was prepared to win.  I had used alternative medicines to bring me this far and only agreed to the mastectomy because of a few dreams that I had and my worried parents. But I’m going to stick with my alternative medicine and wholistic lifestyle. I was ready!

But he came into the exam room with a surprising statement. “Well you’re all done. The pathology report says that the cancer stayed in the ducts, it had not moved to your breast tissue. That means that chemo and radiation is unnecessary. Also your cancer cells were not estrogen-responsive; you don’t even have to take Tamoxifen. You’re done. We don’t have to see each other again.”

I stated to him that i was a little peeved. It felt as if i had done all of this for nothing. His reply, ” Well we are having to over treat women because we don’t know in whom it’s going to spread. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to do some tests and predict when the cancer will spread and on what women.”

That kinda ticked me off. I sat in the car for 45 min. talking with God about this whole event.

And I was hit by the fact that all of the years of (sporadically) eating organic foods and juicing vegetables, prayers, affirmations (“cancer cells do not harm my body”), colon cleansing, building my immune system (vitamin C crystals and echinacea tea) and a host of other activities, was really powerful!

Does alternative medicine work? Well, My first symptom was in 1998. Here, almost 10 yrs later, it had not grown! It hadn’t escaped past the milk ducts! Even after giving birth and nursing 3 more babies!!  With that knowledge I am even more encouraged to continue my (albeit sporadic) wholistic lifestyle.

I thank God for guiding me to information on alternative methods of healing. He taught my hands how to war. I’ll have to periodically continue the battle and trust God to continue ordering my steps.

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Nothing But Love!

I'm soo loved!

Today is the 5th week out. My help has dried up but my strength is renewed. The help that came to me was thorough and complete, just as God ordered. Like the children of Israel’s manna, I had just enough at just the right time.

  • Adrienne came on the 1st weekend and cooked.
  • Deboris came the day she left and stayed the ENTIRE week.
  • Michelle-a beautiful friend of a friend-came over every day on the 2nd week (and a couple of times during the 1st week).
  • Adrienne was planning to come back on the 2nd weekend but had death in her family. But that was okay because Amy came and took me to the beach for the 3 days! Oh how I needed that!
  • The 3rd week Deboris wanted to come back but couldn’t, but that was okay because my dad came!
  • The homeschool moms kept the meals flowing.
  • My church family jumped in for a week.
  • Patti took my oldest to his class 3 days a week.
  • Pat H. drove my 9yr to and from his drum classes two days a week.
  • Brenda (God bless her!) picked up my oldest for his vocal classes every Mon. and even brought a meal. When she brought him home we would all sat down to a meal.
  • Kim stepped in whenever she could-even during her sickness-with DELICIOUS meals and plenty of healthy munchies just for me!
  • Kelly is the one who kicked this all off by finding a breast cancer program to handle the finances and setting up the organization of meals and transportation through

Throughout it all my mom was here taking care of the baby and worrying over me!

Blessed is what I am!


Lots of love!

Nothing but love!

There’s no wonder why I healed so miraculously from this mastectomy; mentally and physically. Many other out-of-state friends called to say they were praying and had others praying for me.  My Dr. has been amazed at how well the mastectomy site has healed-no bruising, etc. Love will do that! Prayer will do that! Herbs and healthy eating will do that! God will do that! And I had it all!


I hope you’re feeling love during this time in your life.

Are you?

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I Want My Mommy!


My mom arrived, Thurs. Sept 27, the day after my surgery. Daddy got here Oct. 19. They both left tonight, Oct 25. I miss them!!

I want my Mommy!! I’m going to sit in a corner of the laundry room and suck my thumb until she returns….no, I better sit in a corner of the bathroom. I may have to use it and I can’t risk the kids seeing me walk through the house to get to it. They’ll think I’m their mommy or something!

Now everything is back on me. 4weeks after the surgery I’m back on the rodent trail: changing diapers, searching for lost pacifiers, chauffeuring kids, cooking dinners, delegating chores, trying to remember who I delegated the chores to, administering threats and punishments for forgotten delegated chores, trying to remember to follow up on the threats and punishments….heck it’s just easier to beat them…but I’m too tired.

Raising kids is a TRIP! It’s all consuming! I understand how children get away with stashing their bedrooms with guns and bomb-making material and the parent never knows. If my children went into their rooms and didn’t come out to bother me, day after day; allowing me time to talk uninterrupted on the phone, think complete uninterrupted thoughts and complete uninterrupted tasks, I would NEVER go in their room to bother them either!

But  noooooo! I have the talkative, expressive, wanna share their lives with me kind of kids. We talk during breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, during school hours, during break time, during snack, after snack, in the car, on the way home, at the grocery store, on the way to the doctor’s….ALL FREAKING DAY!  And even during the night!!! And it’s not just 1 but 5!!! Well, we can’t count the baby girl…yet. But she is gearing up to speak soon!

Okay when i get like this-easily irritated-I know i need my B vitamins. They soothe the nerves. I need to go so that i can take 2 right now. Or else someone’s gonna get hurt. LOL!

I want my mommy!

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My Body After The Mastectomy- It Aint Pretty!

This is what I look like after the mastectomy LOL!

Monday, Oct 8, just 12 days after my mastectomy I took a shower (previously I had taken only 2 bathes). Man, I’ve got a body that is to die for!

No, I mean if you had it on you,  you would really want to die because of it! My post-pregnant stomach is still bloated and my flat chest is REALLY flat. I look like the letter ‘d’ on top and then the letter ‘P’ on the bottom. The spots where the missing breasts should be are concaved,  and have a crazy looking Frankenstein stitch going across them. It would be nice if the stitches/scars were directly across from each other, but they’re not!

Should I be angry, ashamed, sad? I think I have a tinged of all of those emotions when I’m just walking around, but when I actually look in the mirror I am AMAZED at what medical technology can do! My breasts are gone!

I often think about my missing breasts. Where are they? How many pieces have they been sliced into? Are they labeled with my name or do they have a number on them? I had a birth mole on my right nipple, did “they” notice that and think of the woman that it belonged to or did they just dissect it too? I’m sure they are discolored and shriveled up by now. My poor breasts. They are gone and I’m left with these wrinkled, concaved circled spots.

Now I’m resolved to lose 10lbs, and lift weights until I’m so built that I can compete on a stage! I MUST lift weights in order to look presentable to myself. But I feel myself slowly being pulled back into the life of cooking, cleaning, washing, chauffeuring and directing kids. How can I find 2hr a day to work out?

I’ve looked at some websites today about tattoos and mastectomy scars and have determined that I am definitely going to get one of those. Maybe I’ll make it my one year mastectomy anniversary gift to myself. I’ll spend the year designing it and finding a tattoo artists. This place in San Francisco looks cool! It’s call DragonFly Ink and she gives free tattoos to those recovering from reconstructive surgery! I don’t think I’ll do that but a tattoo is interesting. warning: if you click on the link you will see a pictures.

I ‘ll have to recreate my body and my life.

God help me!

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Breast Cancer-I Have Looked At Death

I have looked death in the eye and said, “No, you are not taking me THIS way!”

Death can't threaten me with breast cancer anymore! I cut them off! Na!

When I was first diagnosed in 2001 we had 2 children and 1 nephew and I was determined that they would not watch me become emaciated with breast cancer. Now that we have 5 children I am even more determined.  By the help of God, I will live and not die. I will definitely die one day and it may possibly be from some form of cancer; but death is not taking me NOW and it ain’t coming through my breasts! I’ll cut them off first! The last 3 children will never remember me as the voluptuous woman that I was because of the mastectomy, but at least they’ll have me as a mother!

That’s how I felt about choosing to have the mastectomy…until the pathology report. After the doctor’s pathology report I found myself second guessing my decision to have the mastectomy.

The breast cancer they diagnosed me with was in the duct; ductal carcinoma insitu. The doctor didn’t “feel” comfortable just doing a lumpectomy because cancer could be “hiding in another area”. The tests already showed that there was extensive “diffused abnormalities throughout”. We didn’t know if it had gone outside the ducts and into the breast. We didn’t know if it was in the breast and had traveled through my body. So to agree to a mastectomy just to find out seemed pretty radical.

However, I took it a step farther and asked for  the removal of both breast. It was a gamble and after hearing the pathology report i started to feel like I lost.

Why? Because the pathology report showed that the ducts were holding it down; there was NO cancer in the breast tissue (invasive) and therefore no cancer in my body (Metastasis)!

After hearing that report-which of course was tossed out as “good news”- I wanted to cry. For the first time in 6yrs of dealing with breast cancer I had some tears; but only because I felt that I had gotten sucked into the “system”. I also listened to others-my parents and sisters. I worried about them worrying about me. I worried about my children. So I gambled in the name of love.

After the pathology report I was sad. But later it occurred to me, gambling on love is  a good reason to gamble. God gambled on us. Jesus gave his life in hopes that we will believe on him and have everlasting life; and yet there are many who don’t; but He gambled nonetheless.

YES!  I exchanged my breasts for extra years with my children and my parents.
I sacrificed my voluptuous look for more time with my husband.
I’m not afraid of Death for I know my Saviour liveth.  And  Death is not going to taunt me anymore with the threat of breast cancer.  I was able to look him in the eye, snatch my breast off and say, “Here they are, now get out of my face!” I feel so alive! I’m ready to take on the world!

I guess that wasn’t a bad gamble after all!

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Mastectomy-I’m Home and I’m FLAT!!

I’m home from the mastectomy! The mastectomy was Wed. 12noon and it’s now Fri. 5:30pm. Against my mother’s wishes i sit and type this. Sorry mommy, i’m already tired of laying around.

The surgery was a piece of cake! I was wheeled into an operating room. I remember taking a good gander around and realizing that it’s just like on t.v! I also realized that i’ll probably be very cold on the table because it was FREEZING in that room. I prayed that the surgeon wouldn’t get the shivers and cut the wrong thing!

The nurse asked me my name and what was i having surgery on? I proudly told her, “A BILATERAL MASTECTOMY!” Then i felt ice creep up my arm. I giggled and asked if that was the anestheia. I was told by a far away voice, “Yes, we call it the giggle juice.” I giggled.

They instructed me to lift my bottom as they lifted me off of the bed onto the operating table. I giggled some more. Then someone was calling my name telling me to wake up! The mastectomy was over! Wow!

Following the mastectomy/surgery I remember images of friends faces, Dorothy, Kelly, The Husband. The Dr.’s voice talking to my husband. The Husband’s voice talking to friends on the phone.

Finally, around 10:30pm I woke to the sound of The Husband’s snoring. I woke him and we talked. He got me water and resettled me. I woke again at 4:30a.m. The nurse later told me that she could tell that ‘you’re a real go-getter” because of my 4:30a.m. behaviors. I was amazed because i thought i was a calm, resting patient, but evidently I was “trying to do too much”.
I was soooo drowsy even when my friend, Amy Leland, Midwife came to see me at 7:30 a.m.

After she left at 9a.m. I was awake for the next 12 hrs!!

They wanted to kick me out that same day!! I was feeling pretty good but when they said that i could go home I had to rustle up some sickness, “Oh my whoosy head!”

I wasn’t about to go home to 5 kids-a teenager, a middle child, a preschooler, a toddler and an infant!! I was going to stay right there with my breakfast, lunch and dinner being brought to me and my remote control in my hand! LOL!

I believe that the first people that are going to hell are going to be the people that head up the

Insurance companies want women out of the hospital on the SAME day of her mastectomy!!

insurance companies! How dare they kick people out of the hospital on the same day of a major surgery so they can maintain their millions of dollars in profits!

Anyho, I stayed one extra day and at that point I was ready to go home. I wanted to see my babies. I wanted to read my books. I wanted to sit on my own toilet!

Gotta go, my mommie is making me get off the computer now.

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Are You Hysterical Yet?

My friend Brenda was over yesterday and she asked me, “Are you freaking out and crying hysterically, yet?”

No, I’m not and no I haven’t. In July, August, and September I had dreams that had some symbols in them. I interpreted those symbols as God speaking to me. Therefore I’m completely comfortable with where I am. The pending mastectomy doesn’t bother me. My meditation, prayers and a few  dreams saved me from hysterics.

But, I’ll tell you what does make me want to cry hysterically; not being able to complete a task. I’m not talking anything big. Just the simple task of cleaning the bathroom; or writing a love note to a friend; or finishing this blog! Simple little 40min goals go undone because one of the children will need something. And following that something else needs to be done. And then another child will have an immediate need….and on and on it goes!

Perfect example, Brenda was here to help out. Our children are in the same vocal training

Mastectomy? No problem. Children? Calgon take me away!

class so she came by. I only had two of my children here the 4month old girl & 20mos boy. I had her to hold the baby while I changed my sheets and cleaned my room (FINALLY). Once i got the bed made-this took longer than it should have because my 20 mo/b wrestled with the comforter, the pillows and the sheets; he threw pillowcases all around and had such a good time all by himself I had to join in-but once i got the bed made i heard Brenda in the other room trying not to panic. I rushed in to see that the baby had puked and Brenda was trying to NOT get any on herself-rightly so, she had a meeting to go to.  I’m the only person who walks into meetings, churches and other adult gatherings with streams of dried puke on my shirt.

Anyho, I got them cleaned-up and turned to notice that the 20mo/b had started taking off his diaper. I reached down to stop him and he ran away laughing his little sinister laugh. As he took off running a nice-sized, greenish-brown, stanky load plopped out of his diaper and onto the floor.

I had to gather up the load, disinfect the floor and track him down. He was angelically sitting on his potty, finishing the job. Once he was through I cleaned and disinfected his potty.

By this time the 4month old girl was fidgeting. I made her a bottle and Brenda tried to feed her.

Now the 20mo/boy was pulling me to the fridge. I had forgotten that we had been gone all

note: this is not my kid

the day and had not eaten. Naturally that does not matter much to a toddler who lives on yogurt, raisins and anything that he finds on the floor….well, I shouldn’t say “anything”. It has to be the stickiest, hairiest thing that he finds on SOMEONE else’s floor! See he’s been trained at home not to eat off the floor. But i guess i have to explicitly teach him that the same principal applies across the genre of floors; restaurants, grocery stores, libraries and public bathrooms!!!

note:this in not my cranky baby

Anyho (aaargh), I got a cup of yogurt and sat him in the chair; but now the baby was very fidgety. She wasn’t hungry she was sleepy. Well, of course only mom can put her to sleep, even though my BFF is over to take care of us. So i sat down to quiet her and realized that we only had 10 min before we had to go and pick up the children. I also realized that i hadn’t eaten, that i was exhausted and that my room was STILL NOT CLEAN!! The simple goal of cleaning a room would AGAIN not get completed!

What’s really sad and makes me want to cry hysterically even more than that is the fact that I have goals like: clean the a room, wash 3 loads of clothes, clean out the fridge! How pathetic!!

I use to set goals like, go to Europe and it was achieved! Become an international speaker, check. Quit my job, sell my car and go to school full-time. Check, check and check. Make $2000 a day, check. Birth a baby under water, check. Fast for 2 wks, check. Pray through the night, check. I set GRANDE and LOFTY goals! Now, “cut all 4 of the boys’ hair” is as lofty as it gets and will be on my To Do list for several days before it’s even accomplished!!

Talk about wanting to cry hysterically!! I feel it coming on now!!

But I digress; having a mastectomy tomorrow is not freaking me out. Staying in touch w/God through prayers, meditation and dreams has kept me sane….

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